The chinese multinational Xingfa, producer of phosphates, visits the facilities of Quimialmel Grupo in Castellón

Xingfa’s management and commercial team had the opportunity to visit the logistics warehouse of Quimialmel Group in Castellón, as well as the other logistics centers belonging to Quimialmel Group companies, such as Bulk Cargo Logistics, located in the Port of Castellón.

This is the news published by the newspaper El Mundo Castellón al Día.

Quimialmel Grupo agrees with Xingfa Europe to commercialize the phosphate line for food

Xingfa Europe GmbH  has come to an agreement with Quimialmel, S.A. and Quimialmel Químicos e Minerais, LDA., hereinafter  called Quimialmel Grupo, to exclusively commercialize the full range of phosphates oriented to food market both in Spain and Portugal from January 1st, 2017.

It is noted that Xingfa Europe GmbH is a German subsidiary of the Chinese […]