We are a corporation with substantial and consolidated presence in national and international markets

Quimialmel Grupo is the result from a company’s knowhow, with more than 40 years of experience, which has substantial and consolidated presence in both national and international markets.

Quimialmel, S.A., Quimialmel Grupo‘s mother company, was founded as a public limited company in Castellón on the 20th of March 1977. Its founders were D. Fernando Quintana Tárrega and D. José Almela Segarra. They brought their knowledge and the assets from two small agricultural and drugstore products family businesses, which had been working for some years.

Their ability and vision led them to head for the ceramics raw materials market that was beginning to have an important presence within the area.

Nowadays, Quimialmel, S.A. distributes chemical products, raw materials and minerals to its clients, throughout distribution and handling, supplying several national and international companies’ productive processes belonging to different sectors, and orientating the company’s structure to provide a flexible service.

Quimialmel, S.A. creates Quimialmel Grupo, a corporation of companies focused on a wide range of business sectors, including commercialization of raw materials and chemicals, storage, handling and transport, vessels’ loading and unloading, mining, pesticides, and international commercialization of exclusive, typical Spanish food products.

The logistics centre of Castellón comprises 40,000 square metres

Quimialmel‘s main facilities are located in the coastal town of Castellón de la Plana (Spain), and they consist of an office building and a national logistics centre settled on a surface comprising 40,000 square metres. The everyday activities carried out in these facilities include loading and unloading of platforms, containers, tanks and tipper trucks, storage, packaging and distribution of solid and liquid products, grinding, preparation of deflocculants, and mixture of products.

At the same time, the company has another assistant storage located in Guadasequies, in Valencia (Spain). This storage aims to optimize the company’s logistics and business management in order to provide a quality service.