Our goal is to build a workplace where our employees feel proud to be in

Nowadays, Quimialmel Grupo‘s human team is formed of 211 professional members who represent the corporative image and principles of a group that is growing constantly.

Our staff’s skills, experience, enthusiasm and professional determination reflects our way of working, which seeks for the Principles of Total Quality’s perpetuation and is reflected on our Corporate Social Responsibility statement.

Therefore, Quimialmel has a solid and steady commitment to its employees by keeping active several tools of management that increase staff’s motivation through training and reconciliation between professional and family lives, creating a workplace where all employees feel proud to be in.


For our Company, human capital represents the main asset, so employees’ training is an important value in order to continue to be a competitive company within the current market.

Quimialmel opts for the development of a constant training adjusting to the teaching needs that its teamwork demands. For this purpose, a complete Training Plan aiming to follow a global and unifying vision is used in order to reach each department’s –and therefore the group’s- strategic goals efficiently, meeting employees’ needs and improving their professional aspirations.

Work and Family Conciliation

On the other hand, for the past six years Quimialmel Grupo has developed a project based on the conciliation between professional, family and personal lives thanks to the introduction of condensed working hours in order to equal the rest of European countries.

This new perception and organization of work has improved our employees’ welfare as well as their performance and productivity since family and personal needs are covered.

It is important to emphasize that conciliation between professional and family lives has also help establish more flexible working hours for employees, who have adapted to the reduction of working hours due to care of relatives or who have also applied for special permissions to deal with exceptional and personal matters.

In this sense, Quimialmel Grupo has been able to recognise its human teams’ real needs to satisfy them and to establish therefore a link of social responsibility which helps integrate its staff’s quality of life.